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Welcome to 4-Max

98-99% of all items listed are in stock

Although we aim to stock all items that are listed in our website, it's not always possible due to long delivery times from our suppliers.
We do however average 98-99% of all items in stock at any one time.
All items that are in stock are dispatched within 1 working day. The vast majority are dispatched the same day via 1st class post except kits and batteries which are sent via DPD Courier or Parcel Force 48.

All the Electrical Bits You Need to Build The Tony Nijhuis Jet Provost as Featured and Free Plan in The September Issue of RCM&E

Tony Nijhuis 28 Inch Jet Provost EDFWe now have in stock all the electrical parts as well as the snake and canopy catch you'll need to build the Tony Nijhuis mini EDF powered Jet Provost from the free plan in the September issue of RCM&E.

Fan and Motor From £24.99!

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Now in Stock The PowerFun and FMS Ranges of Affordable High Performance EDF's

EDF fans and motorsNow in stock are a range of affordable high performance EDF's with 11 and 12 blade impellers which give a "turbine" like sound which adds to the experience of owning an electric jet. Comes in 50mm, 64mm, 70mm and 90mm diameters. from 3S to 8S setups. All fans are dynamically balanced giving super smooth and vibration free running.

Fan and Motor From £24.99!

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Ripmax's Phase 5E
Now in Stock

4-Max Ultra Light Weight Cooling SpinnersThe Chris Foss Phase5-E is an extremely versatile sport glider. The efficient aerofoil allows you to soar around hunting for thermals with the power off but the powerful controls allow for extremely spirited aerobatic displays. The airframe itself is factory built using jigs to ensure accuracy from a combination of balsa and plywood.

Airframe Only £143.99!

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4-Max Servos Now in Stock From £2.42!

4-Max Budget ServosYes you weren't mistaken.... 9g Analog Servo from £2.42!
How can we do them for such low prices? Easy... Buy in very large quantities direct from the manufacturer. And the quality? we like them a lot, so much so that we are prepared to put the 4-Max name on them and we don't do that unless it's a quality product.
This new range covers sub Micro 4.5g digital to a whopping 13.2Kg standard sized Metal Gear Ball Raced Servo!

9g (1.7Kg/1.9Kg pull)
From £2.42! (5pcs Price)

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4-Max Ultra Light Weight Cooling Spinners

4-Max Ultra Light Weight Cooling SpinnersThese spinners have an Ultra Light weight machined aluminium back plate which is designed to pull air through the front of the spinner past the prop and through in to the motor.
You know this is a high quality performance, high quality spinner as soon as you see it.
With no back plate flex, it will run true and stay in shape season after season.
This is the spinner to use where light weight, good looks and performance is a must. Ideal for any electric powered aircraft.

6 Sizes, 5 Colours, prices from £7.99!

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4-Max Professional
40C Rated LiPo's

4-Max Professional LiPo Batteries
Our 4-Max Professional LiPo's are getting quite a name for themselves for great performance, sustained punch and long life. All 2 cell and above packs come with the standard JST-XH balance connector and blank power wires to allow you to fit the connector of your choice. All LiPo's are hand tested at the time of dispatch to ensure you only receive the highest quality product that will give great performance and long life. When performance matters, choose 4-Max V2 professional LiPo's.

Example 40C, 3S, 2200mAh
LiPo only £19.99!

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Introducing MaxLoc™ Connectors.
Connect 1-4 Servos Securely With Just One Connector

4-Max Professional LiPo BatteriesMaxLoc™ connectors simply push together (keyed to ensure correct ordination) and when fully seated, the locking tab will be engaged stopping the connectors pulling apart. To un-plug the connectors simply push down the locking tab to disengage the lock and pull the mating halves apart.
The mating portion of both the pins and sockets are gold plated to ensure a quality, low resistance connection.

Prices Start From Just £0.99!

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39" - EPP SBach 342

DW SBach 342 3D EPPFancy a top performing 3D machine that bounces rather then breaks. Great for practicing your 3d Moves. Great value at £39.99

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31.5" - EPP YAK 55

DW Yak 55 3D EPP
Slightly smaller then it's SBach 342 brother, the YAK 55 is also a Great plane for practicing your 3d Moves. Great value at £39.99

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New in Stock is The
1200mm EPP Eagle

DW R/C Eagle 1400mm
Soar with the birds of prey with this 1200mm wingspan EPP Eagle. Comes with Motor, Prop, ESC, 2x servos and a comprehensive hardware pack. All that for just £59.99 This is a great model to have a bit of fun with.


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The Classic Panic Kit is Back in Production and in Stock

Panic Biplane

The classic Panic Kit is back. The same iconic look, performance and fun but upgraded. We have tweaked the build, fine-tuned the plans and laser cut the kit. We have rewritten the manual now with a step-by-step guide and detailed photography. With the build season around the corner now is the ideal time for modellers to pick their next project and the Panic is a nostalgic choice. Great value at £98.99

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Ares Alpine 1200 RFR

Ares Alpine 1200RFRExperienced model pilots know a good motor-glider when they see one. The telltale signs are written large, categorized by a useful practicality, a sound design and a healthy performance. The Ares Alpine 1200 is just such a machine.
Great value at £69.99

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Just in The New AcroMaster Pro RR from Multiplex

Multiplex AcroMaster Pro RRThe AcroMaster PRO is designed like its predecessor as an all rounder. This means that you can also 3D can fly it both precise and classic aerobatics when. The AcroMaster PRO is fully gas tight, even XA Figures (Xtreme Aerobatic figures)

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C of G Balancer

Centre of Gravity BalancerSetting up the correct CG (centre of gravity) for your model is crucial when it comes to flight performance.
Attempting to fly a model which is not balanced correctly can result in a total loss.
It features sliding rulers which will give you a very accurate CG measurement from the leading edge of the wing. Great value at £19.99

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Just in The New FunJet Ultra 2 from Multiplex

Multiplex FunJet Ultra 2  KitThe FunJet ULTRA in its time was already the fastest ELAPOR model on the market.
The speed with our recommended components is about 136MPH / 220 KPH. The enormous speed and excellent flying and landing characteristics distinguish this model from the cheap Chinese copies.
Prices From £76.99!

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4-Max Approved as Supplier to the BMFA for the Payload Challenge 2020

BMFA Payload challenge4-Max models Ltd are delighted to report that the 2019 BMFA Payload Challenge was a great success with the 4-Max Black professional motors and ESC's in all the top places.
For those of you not acquainted with these challenges, it's where groups of young budding aeronautical engineers from schools, colleges and universities are challenged to design and build their own electric powered aircraft to complete successfully various different challenges, with the only stipulation being the on the motor and ESC used. This is where 4-Max comes in. We had 2 different motors approved, the PO-3541-1070 for the Payload Challenge and the PO-2830-1350 for the egg lift challenge. For more information on these motors please click here and for more information on the Payload and Egg Challenge please visit

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Just Arrived, the New Multiplex EPP FunnyCUB

Multiplex FunnyCUB  KitThrough its large wheels and slightly springy suspension, it can, as it did her big brother the FunCub start almost anywhere and land almost anywhere. Made from EPP the FunnyCUB very robust and forgiving. Almost every conceivable aerobatic manoeuvres is possible with the FunnyCub.
Great value at £57.49

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Featured in The June 2019 Issue of RCM&E is "Lil Cub" By Peter Miller

The Ohmen by Peter MillerThe free plan and build article in the June 2019 Issue of RCM&E is the 2017 record holding STOL aircraft by Peter Miller. It has a wingspan of 54" and uses the very popular 3S 2200mAh LiPo battery. 4-Max power train gives it plenty of performance. You'll sure to have great fun with this easy and quick build.

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Now in Stock is the New 60.6" DW Fokker Dr.1 Dreidecker

DW Fokker DR1

Fancy building a scale replica of Manfred von Richthofen's famous Triplane called the red Baron? This is a beautiful large 60.63" laser cut kit. It comes in it's own ply decorative box along with quality accessories, plan and instructions. Great value at £239.99

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On the Shelf is the New
DW Models Astro Junior

DW Models Astro JuniorNot only does this Astro Junior look great but it is a joy to fly. All the parts are laser cut for accuracy and fast construction. It also comes with 4M or White and 2M or Red covering film. This model is ideal for lazy sunday afternoon flying. Designed around an affordable 3S 2600mAh LiPo. Get some Astro Junior Action for Just £114.99

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A Scale Model of a Real Drone The AAI RQ-7 Shadow

DW AAI RQ-7 Shadow FPVLike drones? and like scale? then have a look at this large 2M (78.75") model from DW Models. Designed to fly on a 4S LiPo. This model is laser cut, is easy to fly and comes with 6M of silver film. Get scale droning for just £139.99

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Just in is the ST Models Beaver

ST Models BeaverThe ST Model version has lost none of that character and brings a much loved aircraft to the world of modelling in real style. The model has been carefully designed using the true outlines of the original and then translated into a highly detailed EPO foam model.

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Now Stocking the DW Models "Flying Flea" (Newton)

DW Flying FleaAn indoor model of the quirky French designed homebuilt aircraft of the 1930's Pou-du-Ciel otherwise known in English as the flying Flea. Comes with brushless outrunner motor, ESC, prop and servos. Great value at £59.99

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In Stock Now is the Indoor
Dancing Wings Sopwith Pup

DW Sopwith PupThe famous WWI fighter is modelled here in miniature 14.9" Wingspan. As well as looking great this kit is beautifully laser cut and comes with brushless outrunner motor, ESC, prop and two servos as standard.
Great value at £59.99

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Now in Stock is the 100W Version of The C6D Mini Charger from GT Power

GT Power C6D MiniThis small mains powered 100W charger (previous version was 60W) can balance charge 2S, 3S or 4S Lithium based packs and up to 10A! It can also charge Ni-Mh, Ni-Cd and lead acid batteries. Fantastic value at £29.99

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At long last the New SFM SE5a WWI fighter

SFM Se5aThe SFM SE5A captures the famous outline of the iconic aircraft and adapts it to make a high performing model that has no vices. Controls are responsive when needed but otherwise very forgiving. Not a model for the novice but fun for the more experienced flyer.. Great value at £103.49

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Now Stocking the Professional Variable Temperature
(50-630°C) Heat Gun from Evolution

Professional Heat GunIt features a clear and easy to understand digital display, Variable heat range 50-630°C
a 3 speed fan, instantaneous heat and comes with a rugged carry case, a selection of Nozzles and accessories and user instructions. Great value at £39.99

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Introducing The All New.....
Havoc Combat Flying Wing - The All EPP Almost Unbreakable Bundle of High Speed Fun

Havoc Combat Flying WingThe Havoc is great for fun flying and tough enough for combat.
It's light and strong with a super efficient wing aerofoil for max flight time and speed.

Proudly Designed and Manufactured in England

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Now in Stock GT X4 Pro Quad, Dual Input (mains and 12VDC) and 4x 100W Outputs - Reviewed by RCM&E

RCM&E May 2017AR9320T 9 Channel Carbon Fuselage Telemetry Enabled ReceiverThe G.T. Power X4 Pro Quad charger is a simple yet powerful quad output (4x 100W) dual input multifunctional charger with built in LiPo balancing (JST-XH) for up to 6S Lithium batteries. It features 4 individual charging circuits allowing you to charge 4 batteries simultaneously regardless of battery type and cell count.
Primarily designed for Lithium Polymer (LiPo, Li-Poly) batteries, it can also charge Li-Ion, Li-Fe (A123M1), Li-HV Ni-Cd, Ni-MH, and Pb (lead acid) batteries. Read the 3 page review in the May edition of RCM&E.

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Electric Setup For The Bambina by Greg Thompson
As Featured in RCM&E

Bambina by Greg ThompsonWe have worked with Greg Thompson and have put together the complete package of items as used in the review of the FREE plane in RCM&E Magazine of this great little and fast park flyer

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Electric Setup For The Bambino by Greg Thompson As Featured in October 2015 issue of RCM&E

Bambino by Greg ThompsonWe Have put together the complete package of items as used by the reviewer in the October 2015 issue of RCM&E of this delightful build it yourself park flyer

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4-Max's Purple Power Professional Motors and LiPo's Power One of The Largest Electric R/C Model Aircraft in The World

Tony Nijhuis has now finished his Boeing B-50 Bomber.

This model is powered by 4 off PO-6366-230, 8 packs of 4S 6,000mAh LiPo's and 22x12 JXF high performance electric props

19ft wingspan and over 80lbs flying weight!

Please Click Here for more details of this Model

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