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Pushrod Keeper / Linkage Stoppers

Pushrod Keeper/Linkage Stoppers


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All Pushrod Keeper / Linkage Stoppers are 4mm in diameter and are fixed to the servo arm via a 2mm thread.

We suggest you use a tiny drop of Z-42 thread locker or thick CA (Cyano/Super Glue) to secure nut or alternatively replace the standard nut with M2 nylon Locknuts.

Part Number Description Price Quantity
Pushrod Keeper A1.6 Pack of 5pcs of Pushrod Keep for 1.6mm Wire £1.99
Pushrod Keeper A2.1 Pack of 5pcs of Pushrod Keep for 2.1mm Wire £1.99
Pushrod Keeper A2.5 Pack of 5pcs of Pushrod Keep for 2.5mm Wire £1.99
Locknuts-M2x5 M2 Locknuts / Nylon Locking Nuts
Pack of 45pcs
£1.25 Out of Stock

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