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Gibbs Guide to the
Schulze Chamäleon isl 6-330 d Charger

NB Also useful for Schulze's 530 series charger - see testimonial on this page

Having difficulty understanding your Chamäleon charger? ..… Then this user-friendly guide could be the answer to your prayers! Written in response to many requests for help, this guide covers all aspects of the charger’s set-up, adjustment and operation. It will help you to quickly and easily learn how to programme and use your charger.

With its numerous clear diagrams and many carefully explained examples, this guide makes navigating through the charger's menu system very straightforward. Not only does the guide cover how to use the charger, it also includes learning tips and, techniques. The testing team all reported that their experience of using their charger was completely transformed by having this simple to use guide at their side.

The Gibbs Guide to the Schulze Chamäleon isl 6-330d is available either as an e-book or as an A5 paper publication. Both guides contain exactly the same information, and whichever you choose, you’ll find the information clearly laid out and easy to read and digest.

Summary of contents:
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Safety precautions
Chapter 3: Power supplies
Chapter 4: Charging leads
Chapter 5: Connecting to power
Chapter 6: Setting up Battery 1 output
Chapter 7: Using Battery 1 output
Chapter 8: The Additional Information Menu
Chapter 9: Setting up Battery 2 output
Chapter 10: Charging using Battery 2 output
Chapter 11: Error messages
Chapter 12: Adjusting the charger’s characteristics


An e-book is simply an electronic book that you can download directly to your computer. If you choose the e-book version of this guide, you can be using it to master your charger in just a few minutes from now.

The main benefits of an e-book are:
a) You’ll be able to access the information instantly
b) You can print a copy for your own use.
b) With no printing and shipping costs, Gibbs Guides is able to pass on a saving to you – so the e-book’s a bit cheaper than the paper version.

When you order the e-book, you’ll be sent a link allowing you to immediately download the document. It’s as simple as that!

Applicable software versions

This guide applies to all software versions. The chargers used in the development of this guide had software versions 8.04 and 8.11 installed. Other software versions differ only in detail and any differences should not significantly detract from the usefulness of this guide.

Applicable chargers

Although written specifically for the Chamäleon isl 6-330d, this guide will probably also be of considerable assistance for users of other isl 6-series chargers such as the isl 6-430d, isl 6-530d and isl 6-636 models, as these employ the same software principles. I always appreciate feedback, so please feel free to email me about this issue if you would like to comment. Below is what one happy customer said about this guide which he bought to help him with his 530 series charger.

What other modellers say about this guide:

Your guide has made my isl 6-330d Chamäleon really simple and easy to use. Just what this old modeller needed! DW, Devon

I wish the charger would have come with your guide when I bought it. At last, I feel like I know what I am doing with my Chamäleon.
DP, California

The factory instructions are terrible. Your guide is the answer!
AW, Cheshire

No longer do I feel old and stupid when trying to use my charger. With your guide at my side it’s become easy to use and I finally understand what I’m doing.
DC, Cornwall

A 530d user gives his feedback:Your guide is utter bliss compared to Schulze's instructions. I thought it prudent to first get a handle on the differences between the 330 and my 530. They seem to be slight, e.g. some different current choices and the 530 has a two-line LCD. I will no doubt find other minor details. The "additional menu" I could not find in my 530 manual. So far it seems that your 330 tome is very useful for 530 folk.
DM, United Kingdom


This operating guide has been produced to supplement the factory-supplied instructions for the Chamäleon. All possible care has been taken with the guide; nevertheless, customers use it and the information within at their own risk and absolve the author of any liability whatsoever in respect of personal injury, damage to property or any other kind of accident in connection with this guide. By downloading this guide, you have already accepted these terms.
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GG01 Gibbs Guide to the Chamäleon Charger - e-Book £8.95
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