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The G.T. Power 4 in 1 In-Flight Voltage
and RPM Analyser

The G.T. Power 4 in 1 In-Flight Voltage  and RPM Analyser

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Use this handy and light weight meter to analyse the performance of your LiPo's under real conditions i.e. when flying.
Not only does it display real time voltages of each cell within the pack on one screen, it also stores the lowest voltage of each cell since the unit was connected to the battery. This information can be used to determine when a cell within the pack is about to fail. It also has a low voltage buzzer which can be used to help stop a cell being over discharged.


  • Displays real time voltages as well as the lowest voltage of each cell witin a pack, as well as the prop RPM
  • Shows the individual cell voltages as well as overall voltage
  • LCD screen
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Set the alarm voltage


  • 2-6S of LiPo / LiFe battery
  • Voltage Display Resolution: 0.01V (Approx.)
  • Dimension: 69 x 33.4 x 10.7mm (Approx.)
  • Weight: 22g (Approx.)


  • 1 off Analyser
  • 1 off Buzzer
  • 1 off Power extension wire
  • 1 off RPM sensor
  • 1 off User manual

Please click here to download the manual

Part Number Description Price Quantity
GT 4in1 ANALYSER GT Power 4 in 1 In-Flight Voltage Analyser £19.99
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