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G.T. Power Mini Voltage and Current Meter 30A

G.T. Power Mini Voltage and Current Meter

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This useful little gadget is used to measure and display voltage and current. The display cycles automatically on connection to the power source.

May be connected in series (in-line) between your flight pack (eg. 2-6S LiPo) and ESC to determine whether the pack is holding up under load and also to monitor the current drawn by the power set up to a maximum of 30A.


  • 3-digit LED display
  • Soft-sheathed silicone cable


  • Input voltage: 5 - 25V
  • Maximum working current: 30A
  • Voltage precision range: +/- 0.1V
  • Current precision range: +/- 0.1A
  • Weight: 18g (Approx.)

Please click here to download the user manual

Part Number Description Price Quantity
GT-MINI-V&I-METER G.T. Mini Voltage and Current Meter £5.90
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