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G.T. Power Portable USB Charger
2S-6S LiPo to USB

GT Power USB Charger

GT Power USB Charger

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USB Portable Battery Charger

This great little charger accepts any JST-XH balance connector equiped LiPo as a power source and provides a stable 5V up to 1A USB output which is ideal for charging mobile phones, cameras, tablets and any other device that can be charged from a USB socket.


  • USB Output 5V, 1A
  • Input voltage DC 7.5V-25.2V (2S - 6S LiPo)
  • Battery meter voltage precision:+0.01V~-0.01V
  • Test for 1--6s LiPo/Li-ion/Li-Fe battery
  • Scrolls through the voltage of each cell
  • Can be used as a cell checker
  • Uses the JST-XH balance connector of your LiPo battery as the power source
    Use the optional PP-BALBOARD-TP/FP to also accept Thunder Power balance plugs
  • The USB output will be cut off automatically if any
    battery's voltage is lower than 3.00V and at the same time
    the LED tube will display "SOP"



1 x Charger
1 x Manual

Part Number Description Price Quantity
GT Power USB Charger G.T. Power USB Charger £9.99
2-6S LiPo Balancer Board
2-6S LiPo Balance Board
JST-XH Connector
2-6S LiPo Balancer Board
2-6S LiPo Balance Board
TP/FP Connector
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