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G.T. Power X4 P3/P4 Professional Drone Charger
4x Output (100W Total)
For DJI Phantom P3 and P4 Batteries

G.T. Power X4 P3/P4 charger

G.T. Power X4 P3/P4 charger

G.T. Power X4 P3/P4 charger

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  • Very easy to use
  • Works with all models of the Phantom 3 family and P4 batteries
  • Battery automatically starts charging when placed in charger
  • Standard charge mode
  • Cycle mode
  • Storage Mode
  • Charges Transmitter
  • 2x USB Ports (2.3A)

Product Details

  • Input 100-240VAC
  • Output 17.3V 5A Max x4
  • Discharge 0.65A / 10W Max x4
  • USB Output 5.3V, 2.3A (x2)
  • DC Output 17.3V 5A (transmitter)
  • Weight : 1550g (without cables)
  • Dimensions : W110mm x D183mm x H238mm

Includes (see above photo)

Please Click Here For The User Manual

Part Number Description Price Quantity
GT X4 P3/P4-CHARGER G.T. Power X4 P3/P4 Charger £99.99
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