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Evolution HDG200 Professional Heat Gun with Digital Display and Variable Heat and 3 Speed Fan
Temperature Range of 50-630°C

Professional Heat Gun with digital display and variable heat and fan speed

Acro Wot EP/GP (Balsa) ARTF (A-CF006)

Acro Wot EP/GP (Balsa) ARTF (A-CF006)

Acro Wot EP/GP (Balsa) ARTF (A-CF006)

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When you're covering with heatshrink film, you need a good quality heat gun with accurate temperature and 3 speed speed fan. It can also be used to shrink heat shrink tubing amongst other uses.

The HDG200 Heat Gun from Evolution has a powerful 2000W motor and a 3 speed airflow fan ( 120-550 litre/min).
This heat gun is ideal for covering models as well as Stripping Paint & Varnish, Curing Glues & Epoxies, Waxing or Dewaxing, Softening & Forming Plastics, Removing Adhesive Labels & Graphics, Heating Liquids, Applying Heat Shrink & Film, Drying Out Damp Wood, Lifting Tiles & Edging Trim, Drying Paint or Varnish, Loosening Rusty Screws or Nuts & Removing Caulking.


  • Gives Instantaneous Heat
  • Clear and Easy to Understand Digital Display
  • Temperature Range of 50-630°C
  • 3 Speed Fan
  • Heavy Duty
  • Professional Quality

Comes With

  • Rugged Carry Case
  • 4 Different Nozzle Attachments
  • Scraper
  • User instructions

Part Number Description Price Qty
Evolution HDG200 Evolution HDG200 Professional Heat Gun £39.99

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