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Throttle Variable LED Afterburner & Navigation Lighting System for R/C Model Aircraft

Add Some Scale Realism to your EDF JET!

This LED lighting set has a throttle variable LED afterburner, as well as a complete set of navigation and landing LED lights.

This GT Power lighting system has been designed specifically for EDF  Jets.

The navigation lights can be switched on and off via an auxillary channel, the afterburner gets brighter the more throttle you give it. The afterburner LED light strip can fit ducting up to a maximum diameter of 150mm and can be cut to fit smaller diameters.

Click on image for a larger version 4Max

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  • Throttle variable LED afterburner
  • Navigation lighting scheme mimics real aircraft
  • Navigation LED lights are switchable via a spare channel
  • Easy to install and use


  • LED light control box
  • 1 off 3mm Red LED 450mm long lead
  • 1 off 3mm GreenLED 450mm long lead
  • 1 off 3mm Red LED 950mm long lead
  • 1 off 10mm White LED 450mm long lead
  • 1 off Yellow/Red afterburner LED 480mm strip with 950mm long lead
  • 3S & 4S Power leads with integral fuse


Input: 2 channels (Throttle & Aux)
Power: 3s or 4s LiPo
Max Current: 400mA (Approx.)
Weight: 50g (Approx.)
Dimensions: 30mm x 50mm x 11mm (Approx.)(control unit only)

Please click here to download the User Manual

Part Number Description Price Quantity
LEDLIGHTS - EDF EDF LED Lighting System £24.99 No Longer Available
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