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Heated LiPo Bag

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Lipo Battery Warmer Bag


Lipo's can lose up to 40% of their capacity when used in cold weather. This of course will drastically shorten flight/drive times and of course performance. This superb  lipo warmer is perfect for the RC enthusiast who is flying/driving in cold weather/climate and also for competition pilots/drivers looking to squeeze every ounce of capacity from their battery for optimum performance, even in warm ambient temperatures. Fits batteries up to 6S 6000mAh.

We do not recommend you set the temperature above 30°C

  • Working Current: 2.5A (nominal)
  • Input Voltage: 10-14V
  • Power: 10-20w Dependant upon input voltage
  • Heating  temperature: 24-45°C Dependant upon input voltage
  • Heating time:  3 mins in normal temperature


Do's and Don't's When Using LiPo (Lithium Polymer) Batteries
How To Prolong The Life of Your Expensive LiPo (Lithium Polymer) Batteries

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Part Number Description Price Quantity
HEATED LIPO BAG Heated LiPo Bag £24.99 No Longer Available
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