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MaxLoc™ Connectors (Previously known as Ashlock)

MaxLoc™ Connector

Wire supplied separately

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MaxLoc™ Connector Kits (Previously known as Ashlock)

These MaxLoc™ connectors come in 3 way, 6 way, 9 way and 12 ways allowing you to quickly and securely connect up 1, 2, 3 or 4 servos simultaneously.

Having all your servos connections in one connector means you will no longer incorrectly connect your servos to your receiver as well as connecting them the wrong way round.

MaxLoc™ connectors simply push together (keyed to ensure correct ordination) and when fully seated, the locking tab will be engaged stopping the connectors pulling apart.

To un-plug the connectors simply push down the locking tab to disengage the lock and pull the mating halves apart.

Each kit contains 1x male plastic half, 1x female plastic half and the relevant number of gold plated pins and sockets. Separate pins and sockets are available as spares.

The mating portion of both the pins and sockets are gold plated to ensure a quality, low resistance connection.

Part Number Description Price Quantity
MaxLocT-03 3 Way MaxLoc™ Connector kit (M&F)
Includes 3 pins and 3 sockets
(For connecting 1 Servo)
MaxLocT-06 6 Way MaxLoc™ Connector kit (M&F)
Includes 6 pins and 6 sockets
(For connecting 2 Servo)
MaxLocT-09 9 Way MaxLoc™ Connector kit (M&F)
Includes 9 pins and 9 sockets
(For connecting 3 Servo)
MaxLocT-12 12 Way MaxLoc™ Connector kit (M&F)
Includes 12 pins and 12 sockets
(For connecting 4 Servo)
MaxLoc™-pins 3 Spare MaxLoc™ Gold Plated
Connector Pins (Male)
MaxLoc™-Sockets 3 Spare MaxLoc™ Gold Plated
Connector Sockets (Female)
PP-SERVO-WIRE-LFUT 26AWG Light Weight Servo Wire White/Red/Black - 1000mm
(cut from roll)
PP-SERVO-WIRE-SFUT 22AWG Standard Weight Servo Wire White/Red/Black - 1000mm
(cut from roll)
PP-CRIMP-PLIERSServo Crimp Pliers
Servo Crimp Pliers
Crimp pliers £19.99
PP-SERVOCON-05 5 X JR Servo connector can be used as a male or female connector.
(Enough to make 5 extension leads)


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