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Multiplex AcroMaster Pro RR

Multiplex AcroMaster Pro RR

Multiplex AcroMaster Pro RR
Shown with optional decals

Multiplex AcroMaster Pro RR
Shown with optional decals

Multiplex AcroMaster Pro RR

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Multiplex AcroMaster Pro RR

The AcroMaster PRO is presented the logical development of our 2006 popular Acromasters. It was important for us to develop, to improve the model but not to fundamentally change. So the appearance of the AcroMaster PROs is familiar at first glance, but still completely new and fresh.

With all these changes in the AcroMaster PRO is better positioned than ever before -and offers due to its forgiving flight characteristics and its versatility in aerobatics the ideal basis for relaxed flying and training of aerobatic maneuvers

The AcroMaster PRO is designed like its predecessor as an all rounder. This means that you can also 3D can fly it both precise and classic aerobatics when. The AcroMaster PRO is fully gas tight, even XA Figures (Xtreme Aerobatic figures) with start-up are not a problem. To learn aerobatics and as a training machine for ambitious aerobatic pilots AcroMaster PRO is just perfect!

Key Features

  • New Red or yellow decal (not included with the RR model)
  • New motor mount and support design
  • New battery tray and attachment system
  • New fuselage design allowing all servos and leads to be internal
  • New undercarriage suppory
  • New undercarriage made of anodised aluminium
  • New Battery attachment
  • New Wing Locking
  • Canopy pre-painted

Kit contents:

  • 1x Elapor ready built Acromaster (in white)
  • 1x Roxxy C35-48-990kv motor
  • 1x Roxxy ESC BL-Control 755 S-BEC
  • 1x Propeller 12x6
  • 2x HS-82MG servos (elevator & rudder)
  • 2x HS-65HB servos (ailerons



Wingspan 1100mm (43.31")
Wing Area 37dm2 (567.30in2)
Length 1150mm (45.28")
Flying Weight Approx. weight 875g (1.92lbs)

Please Note: Due to size and weight limitations we are unable to ship kits outside of the UK


Please Note Due to having our knuckles severely rapped by the Post Office we can no longer send any kind of battery via the post. Any order containing batteries will have to be sent via courier and this will incur a minimum of a £9.49 delivery and packaging charge.
We can not deliver batteries outside of mainland UK


Please click here to Download the user Manual for the Multiplex Acromaster Pro


Part Number Description Price Qty
MPX-AcroMaster-Pro RR Multiplex AcroMaster Pro RR
(RRP £279.90)
Check stock when ordering
Battery PPL-40C3S-2600
40C, 4S, 11.1V, 2600mAh LiPo

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