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(Equivalent to Speed 540L/500/600)

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Motor comes with 4mm male connectors already fitted
plus the mating female halves

Dia Length Weight Shaft Diameter
36mm 57mm 260g 5.0mm

This motor is identical in diameter and fixing holes to either the old brushed Speed 540L, Speed 500 or Speed 600 but will produce 3 time the power. We recommend the 1200kv version with a 10x5 prop on 3S, 3300mAh LiPo as a brushless upgrade.

Part Number kv Quantity
PI-3660-1105 1200 Replaced By PI-3660-1105


Part Number kv Winds Batt Power ESC Model Weight Prop Price Quantity
PPI-3657-1800 1800 6 3-5 LiPo 460W 60A TBA TBA £42.95
PPI-COMBO-153 Motor + 60A ESC + Prop Driver - Save £4.00 £81.85
Prop Drivers - PDRV50-80
Brushless Electronic Speed Controllers (ESC's)
LiPo Batteries
Gold Connectors
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