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Servo Screw

("The Screw with a Million Uses")

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Zinc Plated Servo Mounting Screw

This screw has become a widely used fastener in model building. It really does have a million uses! You can mount your servos, but also great for canopies, cowls, hatches, landing gear straps and much more. It has a self-contained washer that completely covers the servo grommets and acts as a normal washer on other applications. It has a deep non-slip socket head that takes a 2mm or 5/64 hex (Allen wrench) or Ball Driver.

Short = 5/16" or 8mm (threaded part).
Medium = 7/16" or 11mm (threaded part).
Long = 9/16" or 14mm (threaded part).

All dimensions are approximiate.

Part Number Description Price Quantity
PPM-SSCREW50S Short Servo Screw - Pack of 50 £3.75
PPM-SSCREW100S Short Servo Screw - Pack of 100 £6.25
PPM-SSCREW50M Medium Servo Screw - Pack of 50 £3.88
PPM-SSCREW100M Medium Servo Screw - Pack of 100 £6.44
PPM-SSCREW50L Long Servo Screw - Pack of 50 £3.95
PPM-SSCREW100L Long Servo Screw - Pack of 100 £6.65
PPM-BDRIVER2MM High quality ball driver to fit servo screw £5.50
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