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Purple Power Rear Mount Sets
For PO Outrunner Motors (Black, Blue and Gold)

All REARSET's include:

  • "X" Mount and screws to attach it to the motor
  • Bolt on prop driver, washer and spinner
  • 4 bolts to fix prop driver to rotating can of motor

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Part Number A B C D E Thickness
PP-REARSET28 40mm 33mm 16mm 19mm 30.5mm 2mm
PP-REARSET35 53mm 44mm 25mm 25mm 40mm 3mm
PP-REARSET50 70mm 62mm 30mm 30mm 52mm 3.8mm


Motor Part Number F G H
P0-2826-* 36mm 8mm 2mm
P0-2830-* 40mm 8mm 2mm
P0-2834-* 44mm 8mm 2mm
P0-3530-* 44.5mm 6.5mm 3mm
P0-3541-* 50.5mm 6.5mm 3mm
P0-3547-* 56.5mm 6.5mm 3mm
PO-5055-* 64mm 8mm 4mm
PO-5065-* 74mm 8mm 4mm

All Dimensions are approximate

Part Number Description Price Qty
PP-REARSET28 Rear Mount & Prop Driver Set for PO 28 Series Motors £3.00
PP-REARSET35 Rear Mount & Prop Driver Set for PO 35 Series Motors £4.00
PP-REARSET50 Rear Mount & Prop Driver Set for PO 50 Series Motors £4.90
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