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Tiger Motors Brushless Micro Power System

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With 60g motor thrust, the new micro power system is specially developed for micro 3D planes. It's perfect for 45g 3D planes and 70g normal flying. And it could be well applied to TechOne micro planes—Blue Fox & M Zone, Ultra-micro 4-site from E-Flite, and other similar products.

MICRO ESC Specification

Input voltage: 2.8V -4.2V DC
Continue current: 3A
Burst current: 4A (Max 10 seconds)
BEC output: NO
Size (length X width X high): 11x13x8 mm
Weight: 0.7g

LiPo Specification

Nominal voltage: 3.7V (1S)
Capacity: 150mAh
Weight: 4.4g

Micro Servo Specification

Size(Long*Wide*High): 16*8.2*16.5mm
Speed: 4.8v(s/60°) 0.08
Torque: 0.2kg*cm/2.8oz*in
Weight: 2.1g(without lead)

Tiger 1302 Motor Specification

Part Number T1302
Kv 5900kv
LiPo Cells 1S
Max Efficiency 76%
Current at Max Efficiency 1.5A - 2.0A
Max Current (10 Seconds) 4A
No Load Current 0.3A@3.7V
Internal Resistance 375m Ohms
Diameter 16.6mm
Length 8mm
Shaft Diameter 1.5mm
Weight 5.4g


Flying Style Flying Weight LiPo ESC Prop
3D 45g 1S 3A GWS 5x3 Microspeed
F3P 50g 1S 3A GWS 5x3 Microspeed
Aerobatic 55g 1S 3A GWS 5x3 Microspeed
Trainer 80g 1S 3A GWS 4x2.5 Microspeed


Performance Data
Prop Volts Amps Watts Thrust (g) Efficiency (g/W)
GWS 4x2.5 Microspeed 3.7 2.5 9.25 50g 5.41g/W
GWS 5x3 Microspeed 3.7 3.2 11.84 57g 4.81g/W


Part Number Description Price Quantity
Micro Power Sys Tiger Motors Micro Power System £69.99
GWS4x2.5 GWS 4" x 2.5" Microspeed £1.30
GWS5x3 GWS 5" x 3" Microspeed £1.30


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