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DW Tiger Moth Kit
Only £119.99 (RRP £149.99)

This is a kit of flat bits of balsa wood and ply which you have to build and cover yourself

DW Tiger Moth Kit

DW Tiger Moth Kit

DW Tiger Moth Kit

DW Tiger Moth Kit
An example of a finished model

DW Tiger Moth Kit
An example of a finished model

DW Tiger Moth Kit
An example of a finished model

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Tiger Moth Kit

There are a few aircraft in the history of powered flight that truly deserve to be called "classic" and the DH 82a Tiger Moth is certainly one of these, with over 8,800 being produced and around still 500 being flown today.

The prototype DH82 first flew in 1931, having been developed from the earlier DH60 "Gypsy Moth" by changing to an inverted engine to allow a better forward view and incorporating the distinctive swept wings to enable easier escape by parachute from the forward cockpit at the request of the Royal Air Force, who were to use the Tiger Moth as a basic trainer throughout WW2 and retired it from service in 1959.

Further development by adding the larger Gypsy Major 130 bhp engine and a plywood rear decking resulted in the DH82 being re-designated the DH82a which is the Tiger Moth that we all know and love today!

Our DH82a Tiger Moth is to approximately 1:6.4 scale and is a laser cut balsa kit for modellers that enjoy crafting their models the traditional way, savouring the time taken to build a model from a kit, but with the bonus of having had all of the balsa and plywood parts intricately laser cut for you. A few modern touches have been incorporated into this kit to make life easier and make a stronger model, such as carbon fiber tube wing leading edges and joiners.

Carbon composite material has also been used for the interplane and cabane struts to give maximum strength and durability in these areas as well as allowing for greater accuracy while building this classic airframe. A comprehensive hardware pack is included, as is a welded wire undercarriage, scale sized wheels and a molded glass fiber cowling.

The interlocking nature of the kit parts dispense with the need for a plan and require only a flat building board to produce a straight and true airframe. Basic, 4 channel radio is all that is required to fly the Tiger Moth which, like its full-sized counterpart is easy to fly, but more of a challenge to fly really well using coordinated ailerons and rudder - all part of the pure pleasure of flying a classic biplane!

Power requirements for the model are quite modest, our PO-3547-800kv outrunner turning a scale sized 13" propeller will be more than adequate on a 4 cell LiPo battery.
Alternatively, the model can be built for IC power using a 7.5~10cc glow or gas engine mounted inverted within the cowling.

With over 8,000 original examples to choose between from every continent on the planet it should be a very pleasant problem to find a colour scheme to follow!

Glue, covering and radio equipment are required to complete.

  • Classic wooden kit construction
  • Fiberglass Cowling
  • Laser-cut balsa and plywood parts
  • Comprehensive hardware pack
  • Suitable for both GP and EP power systems
  • Removable battery hatch cover

Please click here to download the assembly manual



1400mm (55.11")


1140mm (44.88")


2200g - 2800g (4.85lbs - 6.17lbs)


Not supplied Min 4 channel


PPL-60C4S-3700 Not supplied


Please Note: Due to size and weight limitations we are unable to ship Kits, ARTFs and/or batteries outside of Mainland UK


Please Note Due to having our knuckles severely rapped by the Post Office we can no longer send any kind of battery via the post. Any order containing batteries will have to be sent via courier and this will incur a minimum of a £9.75 delivery and packaging charge.
We can not deliver batteries outside of mainland UK


We can also supply

Glue, Covering Iron, Soldering Tools, General Tools and Scalpels, Chargers, Charging Accessories

Part Number Description Price Quantity
DW Tiger Moth kit Tiger Moth
(RRP £169.99)
Motor PO-3547-800 £35.99
4M-ESC60A35 60A Brushless ESC
ESC Setup Instructions
and Programming Card
Prop JXF 13x5 £9.68
Battery PPL-60C4S-3700 £55.00
Servos 4x 4M-175AMG-030 Servo £28.48


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