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BMFA Payload Challenge 2020

PO-2830-1350 BMFA Payload Challenge PO-3541-1070


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4-Max Models are very proud to be one of only two approved motor and ESC suppliers for BMFA Payload Challenge. More information on these challenges which are open to secondary schools, colleges and Universities can be found by clicking on the following link

facebook Check out the BMFA Facebook Page for the Payload Challenges

For teams participating in the 2020 challenges we are offering very SPECIAL PRICES and a discount on all orders and all parts.

Once you have registered and paid your entrance fee to the BMFA, please make sure they give you a discount code.

Please either contact us by telephone on 01256 782 512 or by
email on
Please quote the discount code to us and we will advise you of a special hidden website page with the SPECIAL PRICES on it. Then enter the discount code (obtained from the BMFA and get a further 10% discount of these SPECIAL PRICES.

These special prices are only intended for participants of the BMFA challengers so please do not tell this code to anyone and only use it for genuine orders for the challeges

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