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4-Max Budget Thin Electric Propellers

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These new composite electric scimitar style propellers designed specifically to meet the demands of high performance electric flight.

The unique shape of the prop tips reduces drag at high speed.
The prop tip turbulence is minimised through the specially designed upturned “tiplet.”
The hub is lightened.
A complete set of shaft adapters are provided with every prop.
These props use composite materials for superior rigidity.
These low drag, high efficient props give more power than your conventional electric props.

  • Efficient Aerodynamics
  • Reduced noise
  • Higher rigidity
  • Greater power
  • Variety of insert sizes included
  • Improved efficiency (input to thrust)

These props must be balanced before use

Click here to see our range of prop balancers

Part Number Description Price Quantity
4MAXPROP5x5 4-Max Budget Prop 5" x 5" £1.80
4MAXPROP6x4 4-Max Budget Prop 6" x 4" £1.90
4MAXPROP7x4 4-Max Budget Prop 7" x 4" £1.95
4MAXPROP8x4 4-Max Budget Prop 8" x 4" £2.05
4MAXPROP9x4.7 4-Max Budget Prop 9" x 4.7" £2.15
4MAXPROP9x6 4-Max Budget Prop 9" x 6" £2.15
4MAXPROP12x6 4-Max Budget Prop 12" x 6" £3.05
4MAXPROP15x8 4-Max Budget Prop 15" x 8" £5.20
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