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Acro Wot EP/GP (Balsa) ARTF (A-CF006)

Acro Wot EP/GP (Balsa) ARTF (A-CF006)

Acro Wot EP/GP (Balsa) ARTF (A-CF006)

Acro Wot EP/GP (Balsa) ARTF (A-CF006)

Acro Wot EP/GP (Balsa) ARTF (A-CF006)

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The Acro Wot Mk2 ARTF has been updated to work with both IC and Electric power systems. Produced under licence and with the approval of the original designer Chris Foss, the Acro Wot Mk 2 ARTF is an icon around flying fields everywhere, with its unbeatable combination of great looks and superb flying performance.

Assembled with great care and attention from best quality balsa and ply, then professionally covered in high quality film, the Acro Wot also features a moulded glass fibre cowling as well as a moulded and tinted canopy. The painted pilot is pre-fitted, and the model comes with a very substantial pre-formed main undercarriage, which attaches to a strong and resilient mounting in the fuselage fully capable of handling those occasional less than perfect landings. The model is supplied complete with all control accessories and airframe hardware.

To select between electric or I/C power you just need to add the relevant accessory pack. The EP pack is part number A-CF007/EP and the IC pack is part number A-CF007/ICP.

Flying performance is truly excellent, the Acro Wot being fully aerobatic, yet remaining stable and easy to fly for less experienced pilots and both take off and landings being simple to perform. Fully built-up from balsa and ply for maximum strength and lightness

  • Pre-painted fibreglass cowling
  • Pre-formed alloy undercarriage
  • Tinted canopy and pre-painted pilot figure
  • Factory covered in high quality heatshrink film
  • Comprehensive set of accessories
  • Detailed full colour manual
  • Optional Electric or I/C power pack available

    Accessory Pack I/C:A-CF007/ICP


Wingspan 1505mm (59.25")
Length 1200mm (47.25")
Flying Weight TBA

Please Note: Due to size and weight limitations we are unable to ship Kits, ARTFs and/or batteries outside of Mainland UK


Please Note Due to having our knuckles severely rapped by the Post Office we can no longer send any kind of battery via the post. Any order containing batteries will have to be sent via courier and this will incur a minimum of a £9.49 delivery and packaging charge.
We can not deliver batteries outside of mainland UK

Part Number Description Price Qty
Acro Wot EP/GP (Balsa)
(airframe only)
Acro Wot EP/GP
(Balsa) (airframe only)
(RRP £154.99)
Acro Wot EP/GP (Balsa)
(electric conversion
kit A-CF007/ELP)
Acro Wot EP/GP (Balsa)
(electric conversion kit)
RRP £19.99)
Acro Wot EP/GP (Balsa)
Power Set
Motor PO-5055-595
Prop APCE 14x7
(RRP 111.30)
LiPo Battery 4 cell (14.8V) 40C rated,
3.300mAh LiPo Battery
Servos 4x Servo XL-38HMB £59.48

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