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Balance Adapters and Extensions

  Part Number Description Price Quantity

TP/FP to JST-XH Adapter 3S
PP-TP-JSTXH-3S 3S - Female Thunder Power/FlightPower /4-Max to Male JST-XH Aadapter £0.99

Extension 2S
PP-JSTXHEXT-2S JST-XH Extension Cable - 2S £0.75
  PP-JSTXHEXT-3S JST-XH Extension Cable - 3S £0.90
  PP-JSTXHEXT-4S JST-XH Extension Cable - 4S £1.10
  PP-JSTXHEXT-5S JST-XH Extension Cable - 5S £1.30
  PP-JSTXHEXT-6S JST-XH Extension Cable - 6S £1.49

TP/FP Split Cable
PP-TPFP-SPLIT Thunder Power / FlightPower to JST-XH Adapter £1.49

2S JST-XH Female to
2S JST-XH Female to
2S JST-XH Female to
4Max PP-CHGLEAD-A Multi way charging lead. 4mm banana plugs to connect to your charger. Plus JST/BEC, Deans Style, Futaba and JR Tx charging plugs a female servo plug to charge your 4/5 cell NiMh pack, plus a spare pair of leads. £7.49
4Max PP-BALBOARD-JST 2-6S LiPo Balance Board with JST-XH balance connectors £2.99
4Max PP-BALBOARD-TP/FP 2-6S LiPo Balance Board with Thunder Power/FlightPower balance connectors £2.99
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