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G.T. Power LiPo Heater

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  • Input 7.4V - 12V DC
  • 30-80°C
  • Quick and easy setting of temperature
  • Small & Compact, only 80g
  • Dimension 90 x 54 x 16mm

LiPO batteries perform at their optimum when temperature is between 25°C and 40°C, Ideal temperature is 30°C
Without getting in to the physics, heating the LiPo will lower the internal resistance which helps stop the output voltage dropping under load and therefore increase performance of you LiPo pack.

Wide wrap around heaters form a pouch for the battery, or heaters can be used in a large LiPo sack to maintain temperature.


Temperature probe must be in position at all times.
Do not exceed 40°C with Lipo battery, or swelling might occur.
Ideal Temperature for LiPo Batteries is 30°C
Do not leave unattended at any time while heater is on

Part Number Description Price Quantity
GT-LIPO-HEATER G.T. Power LiPo Heater £19.99
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