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CCPM Deluxe Servo Tester & ESC Signal Generator (Metal Cased)
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The G.T.Power servo tester is a device that can also be used as a signal generator for running electric speed controllers (ESC) to enable you to test your motor system without having to use a transmitter and receiver.

* 3 modes to check servos or ESC:
* Manual mode: to check servo speed and reaction time
* Neutral mode: to make the servo go to the neutral/centre point
* Automatic window wiper mode: makes the servo swing like a window wipers to the biggest angle (full travel).
* 1-3 servos may be connected simultaneously.
* 1-3 ESC's may be connected simultaneously to test and compare their reaction time respectively.
* It can connect 3 servos of CCPM helicopters and select servos.
* It is particularly useful when installing servos into aircraft so that you can centre the servos and check the extent of travel without the need for your transmitter and receiver. This is one of those essential items you wonder how you ever did without!

Part Number Description Price Quantity
PP-SERVO-TESTER GT Power Servo Tester £7.99

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