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Irvine Chrome Effect Light Weight Electric Spinners

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With a lightweight, machined aluminium backplate, you know this is a high quality spinner as soon as you see it. With no backplate flex, it will run true and stay in shape season after season. It also has a unique 'easy-trim' feature where the spinner nose around each propeller cutout is thinned to half the thickness of the surrounding material to make trimming to suit different blade shapes simplicity itself.


Part Number Description Price Quantity
IRVSPIN-CHROME38 Irvine Spinner - 38mm Diameter Chrome Effect £5.63
IRVSPIN-CHROME45 Irvine Spinner - 45mm Diameter Chrome Effect £5.85
IRVSPIN-CHROME51 Irvine Spinner - 51mm Diameter Chrome Effect £6.53
IRVSPIN-CHROME57 Irvine Spinner - 57mm Diameter Chrome Effect £7.19
IRVSPIN-CHROME63 Irvine Spinner - 63mm Diameter Chrome Effect £7.43
IRVSPIN-CHROME70 Irvine Spinner - 70mm Diameter Chrome Effect £9.89
IRVSPIN-CHROME75 Irvine Spinner - 75mm Diameter Chrome Effect £11.47
IRVSPIN-CHROME82 Irvine Spinner - 82mm Diameter Chrome Effect £16.49
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