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Recommended Motors, ESC, and LiPo's
for Tony Nijhuis Single Engined Designs

Tony Nijhuis 50 Inch EDF BAE Hawk

50" EDF BAE Hawk


Tony Nijhuis 61 Inch P-51B/d Mustang

61"P51B/P51D Mustang


Tony Nijhuis 67 Inch Mitsubishi A6M Zero

67" Mitsubishi A6M Zero


Tony Nijhuis Harvard/Texan

66" Harvard/Texan


Tony Nijhuis Sky 40 Trainer

65½" Sky 40 Trainer


Tony Nijhuis 60 Inch Focke Wulf FW-190A

60" Focke Wulf FW-190A


Tony Nijhuis 72 Inch Mk5 Spitfire

72" Mk5 Spitfire


Tony Nijhuis Miles M57 Aerovan

Miles M57 Aerovan


Tony Nijhuis Westland Lysander

Westland Lysander


Tony Nijhuis Double - Cosmic Wind

Cosmic Wind


Tony Nijhuis Double - Cosmic Wind

Midget Mustang


Tony Nijhuis Hawker Hurricaine

Hawker Hurricane


Tony Nijhuis Jet Dogfight Double English Electric Lightning

English Electric Lightning


Tony Nijhuis Jet Dogfight Double MiG 25 Foxbat

MiG25 Foxbat

Tony Nijhuis 62" Hawker Typhoon

62" Hawker Typhoon


Tony Nijhuis 46" Spitfire Mk9

46" Supermarine Spitfire Mk9


Tony Nijhuis 62.5" Spitfire Mk9

62½" Supermarine Spitfire Mk9

Tony Nijhuis Dogfight Double Spitfire

Dogfight Double 30" Spitfire


Tony Nijhuis Dogfight Double ME109

Dogfight Double 30" ME109

Tony Nijhuis Dogfight Double Corsair

Dogfight Double 31.5" Corsair


Tony Nijhuis Dogfight Double Zero

Dogfight Double 32" Zero

Tony Nijhuis Dogfight Double SE5A

Dogfight Double SE5A


Tony Nijhuis Dogfight Double Fokker D7

Dogfight Double Fokker DVII

Tony Nijhuis 39" BAE Hawk

39" BAE Hawk


Tony Nijhuis DH Vampire

40" De Havilland Vampire

43" Tornado


43" MiG 29 Fulcrum

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