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4-Max Micro 9g Analog Servo,
1.7Kg/1.9Kg Pull
From £2.42!

4-Max Micro 9g Analog Servo

All Servos come with a full set of arms and accessories

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4-Max Micro 9g Analog Servo


Operating Voltage Range

4.8 ~ 6.0VDC


Core Motor

4.8V Operating Torque/Speed°

6.0V Operating Torque/Speed°


22.7 X 12.2 X 29.2mm


High Torque Plastic


9.0g / 0.317oz

Wire Length

180mm / 7.08"

We can also supply

MaxLoc™ Connectors , Servo Extension Leads, Servo Accessories.


Part Number Description Price Quantity
4M-090AH-017 1pcs of 4M-090AH-017 Micro Analog Servo £2.69
4M-090AH-017 5pcs of 4M-090AH-017 Micro Analog Servo
SAVE £1.35


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