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Light Weight Rubber Wheels

Light Weight Rubber Wheels
Supplied in Pairs


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These are Light Weight rubber wheels with plastic hubs and are supplied as a pair.

All weights and dimensions are approximate.

Overall Diameter Hole Diameter Width Unit
1.5" (38mm) 2.1mm 16.0mm 2.6g £3.00
1.75" (44.5mm) 2.1mm 16.0mm 3.6g £3.10
2.0" (50.5mm) 2.6mm 19.5mm 5.8g £3.20
2.25" (57.2mm) 2.6mm 20.0mm 6.8g £3.40
2.5" (63.5mm) 3.1mm 22.0mm 9.2g £3.60
2.75" (70mm) 3.6mm 25.3mm 10.8g £3.80
3.0" (76.2mm) 3.6mm 25.6mm 16.4g £4.00
3.5" (89mm) 3.6mm 30.5mm 22g £5.00
3.75" (95.3mm) 5.1mm 27.4mm 30g £7.00
4.0" (101.6mm) 5.1mm 30.0mm 32g £9.00
4.5" (114mm) 5.1mm 34.5mm 42g £11.00
5.0" (127mm) 5.1mm 41.5mm 51g £14.00

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