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4-Max Brushless Motors

Notes on Selecting a Motor

As with all things, it's best not to run motors right on their limit especially if there is limited cooling. As a rule of thumb if you need 400W then chose a motor with 20% extra capacity i.e. around 500W.

Please Read
If a motor doesn't start immediately you must cut power immediately, or you will destroy the motor and/or ESC and/or battery within a second or two and it really can be that quick.
A brushless motor is actually a 3 phase AC motor. If the motor rocks back and forth but does not rotate, this means there is a problem with one of the phases and as mentioned before the power must be cut immediately or you will burn the Motor/ESC/Battery out with a second or two.
The main cause for this problem is a poor or dry solder joint on one of the wires and/or connectors between the ESC and motor. Re-solder these wires/connectors with fresh leaded solder (lead free solder is rubbish and causes many problems) make sure the wires are well tinned and very hot.
Do not ground run any electric power system for more then 20-30 seconds or you stand the chance of burning out the motor and or ESC.

All props MUST be balanced before being used on an electric motor. An out of balance prop will cause vibration, loss of RPM/power and increased current draw as well as reducing the life of the bearings in the motor. In the worst cases will cause the shaft to break almost instantly especially so in foam models.

Please clike here on how to fully balance a 2 bladed prop

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4-Max Brushless Value Power Packages
Value Power Packages

Light Weight Outrunners & Bell Motors

Outrunner Motors
up to 300W


Outrunner Motors
300W to 600W


Outrunner Motors
600W to 1500W

Outrunner Motors
1200W and up


Spare Bearings for our black PO Series of outrunner motors
Spare Bearings for our Black PO Series of
Outrunner motors

Motor Mounting Screws
Motor Mounting Screws

Spare Shafts for outrunner motors
Spare Shafts for
Outrunner motors

LockNuts / Nylon Locking Nuts
Standard/Nylok/Flange Nuts

T Nuts/ Captive Nuts / Blind Nuts
T Nuts / Captive Nuts / Blind Nuts

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