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Recommended Motors, ESC, and LiPo's
for Tony Nijhuis Designs

Here you will find recommended Brushless Motor, ESC, and LiPo Battery Setups
for the current range from Tony Nijhuis who is the Country’s leading and most respected model aircraft designer. With over 30 years of modeling design experience and numerous published designs to his name.
We all tend to associate Tony with one model in particular, that of the Avro Lancaster. To date Tony has built seven Lancasters. One of which has the accolade of being the largest Electric powered model in the world.
Tony’s designs have been featured all over the world and he continues to design for the UK’s leading model & hobby magazine, RCM&E.

Tony Nijhuis EDF Designs

EDF Designs by
Tony Nijhuis

Single Engined Desigs by Tony Nijhuis

Single Engined Designs by
Tony Nijhuis

Multi Engined Desigs by Tony Nijhuis

Multi Engined Designs by
Tony Nijhuis

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