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Crimping Pliers for Servo and JST/BEC Connectors

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These are heavy duty and high quality Servo crimp pliers.
These crimpers will last you a life time.

  Part Number Description Price Quantity
Servo Crimp Pliers PP-CRIMP-PLIERS Servo crimp pliers £22.50
BEC/JST connector PP-JSTCON-5M 5 x Male JST/BEC Connector
with pins
BEC/JST connector PP-JSTCON-5F 5 x Female JST/BEC Connector
with pins
Servo connectors PP-SERVOCON-05 5 X JR Servo connector can be used as a male or female connector.
Enough to make 5 extension leads
MaxLoc Connectors Click here for our range of
MaxLoc™ Multi Way Servo Connectors
(Previously known as Ashlock)
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