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EMAX Pulsar 2207 2450kv

Please note: No"X" mount is available for this motor

These motors are something special. At the back of the motor are LED's which get brighter the more throttle you give it.
Fit the red filter on a pusher park jet and you have a built in"after burner".
Also comes with Blue and White filters.
Although small these motors are very powerful and Ooze quality.

Motor comes with .......

  • 3x Coloured Filters
  • 1x Ali M5 Locknut
  • 1x Screw and Washer for Shaft
  • 5x M3 x 7mm hex head screws
  • 5x M3 x 6mm hex head screws

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Dia Length Weight
(Inc Wire)
Shaft Diameter
27.5mm 21mm 37.8g M5

Battery: 2-4S
KV: 2450
Max. Power: 31.5A/350W using a 3S LiPo

Volts Amps Watts RPM Thrust
11.1 24.9 278 21,380 730 1.61 61MPH
2 Blade
11.1 31.0 345 20,160 1022 2.255 73MPH

We recommend that you only use the EMAX AVAN Props with this motor

Part Number Battery ESC Price Quantity
EMAX Pulsar 2207 2450kv 2-4 LiPo 40A £24.99
EMAX AVAN 5x3 3Blade EMAX AVAN 5x3 3Blade
(Supplied in a packet of
2x CW and 2x CCW)
EMAX AVAN 6x3.8 2Blade EMAX AVAN 6x3.8 2Blade
(Supplied in a packet of
2x CW and 2x CCW)
Brushless Electronic Speed Controllers (ESC's)
LiPo Batteries
Motor Mounts
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