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PO-3547-800 Brushless Motor from 4-Max

Drawing for PO-3547-800 Brushless Motor from 4-Max

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kv 800kv
Motor Diameter 35mm
Motor Length 47mm
Shaft Diameter 5.0mm
Shaft Length 20mm
Weight 154g
Mounting Hole Size M3.0, pitch 25mm
Mounting Hole Depth 4mm Max
No. of Poles 14
No Load Current 1.1A
Continuous Current 29A
Max Amps (10 Sec) 36A
Recommended Battery 3S / 4S LiPo
Prop 14x7 - 3S LiPo
12x6 - 4S LiPo
Recommended ESC 45A-60A


Motor Part Number F G H
P0-3547-* 56.5mm 6.5mm 3mm


Motor comes with 3.5mm male connectors (fitted)
and rear motor mount and prop driver set

All REARSET's include:

  • "X" Mount and screws to attach it to the motor
  • Bolt on prop driver, washer and spinner
  • 4 bolts to fix prop driver to rotating can of motor
Part Number A B C D E Thickness
PP-REARSET35 53mm 44mm 25mm 25mm 40mm 3mm

All Dimensions are approximate

Please Note
These motors come pre balanced. Do not remove what looks like blue glue from inside the motor as this is what is used to balance the motor


Part Number Price Quantity
PO-3547-800 £35.99
Spares & Accessories
Spare Rear Motor Mount + Bolt on Prop Driver £4.20
Replacement Motor Shaft £4.80
Collet Style Prop Driver £3.95
Replacement Bearing Set £6.00
Brushless Electronic Speed Controllers (ESC's)
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