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Build it Yourself Kits

We have accounts with all the major UK distributors and can supply kits from almost every manufacturer. If you can't see it listed below, then please contact us for a competitive quote.

Please Note: Due to size and weight limitations we are unable to ship Kits, ARTFs and/or batteries outside of Mainland UK


Please Note: These are not"ARTF kits"
These kits require a certain amount of knowledge and skill and a good set of tools and glues to finish to a flying condition.

Value Planes 83 Inch Fokker D7 WW1 German FighterFokker DVII, 83"

Value Planes 98 Inch Super Sinbad
Super Sinbad, 98"

Value Planes 93 Inch DH82a Tiger Moth
DH82a Tiger Moth, 93"

BA Moska 39 Inches
BA Moska, 39"

BA Aurora 67 Inches
BA Aurora, 67"

BA La Senorita 59 Inches
BA La Senorita, 59"

TSM Cessna 182, 42 Inches
TSM Cessna 182, 42"

TSM Arrow Piper Cherokee 3 Turbo 42 Inches
TSM Arrow Piper Cherokee 3 Turbo 42"

TSM Pilatus Porter PC-6 44
TSM Pilatus Porter
PC-6, 44"

Value Planes Seagul Seaplane
VP Seagul Seaplane

Value Planes Cloud Wlaker 65 Inch
VP Cloud Walker 65"

Value Planes Cloud Clipper 71 Inch
VP Cloud Clipper 71"

Value Planes Leprechaun Pro 102 Inches
VP Leprechaun Pro 102"

Great Value, Great Fun
DW Mini Stick 06
DW 23" Mini Stick 06

No Longer Available
DW T30 Low Wing Trainer 55Inch
DW 55" T30
Low Wing Trainer

DW 1800mm Piper J3 Cub
DW Piper J3 Cub
Kit 71"

DW Cute Girl 45 Inch
DW 45" Cute Girl


Seagull Boomerang 40 kitSeagull Boomerang 40 kit (SEA-27K)

Chris Foss WOTs WOT Deluxe Kit

Chris Foss WOTs WOT
Deluxe Kit

Chris Foss Acro WOT Deluxe Kit

Chris Foss Acro WOT
Deluxe Kit

Chris Foss WOT4 Mk3 Deluxe Kit

Chris Foss WOT4
Mk3 Deluxe Kit

Seagull Challenger
Seagull Challenger

Seagull P-47 Thunderbolt Kit Master Scale Edition (SEA207K)

DPR Models Hyper Cub 750mm W/S
Hyper Cub 750mm

DW Old Fogey

Old Fogey

Panic Biplane
48" Panic Biplane


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