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Electric Setup for Miss Sizzles by Peter Miller
Free Plan in August 2020 issue of RCM&E

Miss Sizzles by Peter Miller

Miss Sizzles by Peter Miller


Flying Weight
3.0lbs / 1360g
Wing Span
45" / 1143mm
Calculated Thrust
3.2lbs / 1451g - 10x5 prop
Calculated Speed
48MPH / 77KPH - 10x5 Prop
Calculated Thrust
4.5lbs / 2041g - 11x5.5 Prop
Calculated Speed
45MPH / 72KPH - 11x5.5 Prop


Description Price Quantity
PO-3541-1070 Brushless Motor
4M-ESC30A 30A Brushless ESC - (for 10x5 Prop)
ESC Setup Instructions
4M-ESC40A 40A Brushless ESC - (for 11x6 Prop)
ESC Setup Instructions
APCE 10" x 5" electric prop £3.60
APCE 11" x 5.5" electric prop £4.30
JXF 10" x 5" Wooden high performance prop £9.68
JXF 11" x 6" Wooden high performance prop £9.68
2.25" (57mm) Cooling Spinner - Red £8.99
4pcs of 4M-100AMG-022 Servo £21.96
60C, 3S, 2200mAh 11.1V LiPo Battery £23.50 Out of Sock
40C, 3S, 3300mAh 11.1V LiPo Battery £36.50
Hatch latch/Catch A £1.99
Rubber Wheels 2.5" (70mm) £2.75
Hole 4.1mm, 5.5mm Thick
Tail Wheel Collet/Collar
Tail wheel Assembly A £1.99
6mm Wing Bolt Kit £2.99
Pack of 10pcs of 2mm metal clevises £3.49
Pack of 5pcs of Medium Surface Horns £1.10
Pack of 5pcs of M2
Stainless Steel
Threaded Pushrods
Ø2mm x 300mm, Threaded both ends
2x Cyano Hinges (pack of 10) £1.98
M4 T Nuts / Captive Nuts / Blind Nuts
Pack of 5pcs (to fix motor to F1)
2x Small Air Scoops £1.89
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